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Mobile Learning

Mobile learning has evolved out of the “future promise” stage into a reality in our classrooms today.  More than two-thirds of college-aged students have a smart phone, and close to half own a tablet.  For many, a mobile device is the primary means of access to the Internet.  In this workshop, we explore how portable computing offers new possibilities for teaching, learning, and the student experience.  Come and learn about this emerging technology and help determine some best practices in how to blend it into your instruction. 

This presentation is an overview of mobile learning technologies and best practices.  Questions addressed include: 

  • What is mobile learning?
  • What concerns are there about mobile learning?
  • How can I utilize mobile technology in my face to face classroom?
  • How will students be able to access the Learning Management System (Blackboard or ANGEL) on a mobile device?
  • How does the Blackboard Mobile Learn for ANGEL app work?
  • What factors do I have to consider to make my online course more “mobile friendly”?
  • What are some apps that can be used to increase learning?

Lunch will be provided

Date: Wednesday, April 23, 2014
Time: 10:00am - 12:00pm
Location: W207
Building: Thompson Hall
Presenter: SLN
Categories: Technology for the Classroom
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